Chechens and the Quran Alone


Omeed Gul

3/8/20241 min read

Chechen Quranists
Chechen Quranists

We, the Chechen tribes of the North Caucasus, face three major threats against our millennia-old God-given tribal customs and unique genetics:

1. Modernism: Throughout much of the world, the bankers have usurped the tribal leaders. Modernism gave birth to the delusions of democracy, socialism, and communism, all of which are rooted in the dogma of materialism. As a result, human nature has become altered and sterile, as seen through the destructively low birth rates. The feminization of society and the weakening of men through demoralization, work to ensure mass obedience to a tyrannical banking elite that is ready and willing to sell their own kin for material worldly gain.

2. Russification: Any people that wishes to reign supreme over us is a threat.

3. Islamization: Wahhabism and the cult of radical Islam originates from the endless volumes of contradictory hadith. The solution is by following the Quran alone; the straight path of purity that preserves all tribes and peoples.