How to Properly Understand the Quran


Omeed Gül


How to Understand the Quran
How to Understand the Quran

Let us go over our basic principles related to the manner in which a subject must be conceived and interpreted according to the Quran:

• Every single point must be conceived within the entire context of the Quran. To properly understand something mentioned in a given verse, all related verses must also be examined.

• Anything contradictory to the Quran, regardless of it being a "hadith" or not, has to be gotten rid of. Once we follow this precept, we shall have got rid of 90% of the interpolations.

• Anything you've heard regarding the Quran should be independently checked and confirmed from the Quran itself.

• In trying to understand the Quran, we must not forget that our major aids are our intelligence and conscience, and that the greatest obstacles are religious customs and adoption by the greater mass of the public and public censure.

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