Spouses and Marriage in the Quran




Marriage in the Quran
Marriage in the Quran

Men and women have been designed in detail by God to be suitable companions for one another at both emotional and physical levels.

The manner of which we see the different natures of men and women are among the signs of God's existence because in no way can this have come about without the intelligent design of a creator. More elaborately, male and female variations observed at both physical and mental levels are so intricately matched that suitable unions results in the completion of the needs of both the man and woman, it provides complete psychological and physiological support for one another - in essence, it completes an individual since God created human beings as male and female so that an opposite gender can complete it. God has truly been kind to mankind by making a man attractive for a woman and a woman attractive for a man. God asks us to consider this and asks believers to be appreciative to Him for making for them spouses for love and support:

"One of His signs is that He created for you spouses like your selves so that you may live with them with affection and mercy - there are signs in this for people who reflect." (Qur'an 30:21)

This "sign" is the proof of the existence of a Creator. This is one of the biggest signs of God's existence: the physical differences and the mental make-up compliment each other like two halves of a whole, could not have come about without a Creator. A fact which disbelievers must acknowledge and in return, think of the purpose of their existence and submit to God.

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