Was Churchill Right About Islam?




Was Churchill Right About Islam
Was Churchill Right About Islam

A famous quote by Churchill on Islam: "No stronger retrograde force exists in the world."

Among people are those who think themselves into believing that they are on the right path. These people lead their lives thinking they are the types of people who have God's approval. However, a quick glance reveals that their idea of Islam consists of nothing more than conforming to a set of traditions. These traditions include such things as dressing up and taking a certain appearance, sitting down in some manner, or saying certain Arabic jargon words to their peers. It usually includes a special effort to keep away from the opposite gender as much as possible. In general, the aim is to create an atmosphere that feels religious and fulfils their nostalgic idea of religion, and not the absolute aim to earn the pleasure of God. For this reason, they are also incapable of being forward-thinking and keeping up with positive modern changes.

People who fall into the lies of religion lose the capability of looking at all events with an open-mind and ability to decide on actions, mannerisms, and ways of conduct that are most appropriate to the environment they are in. Such people by their own acknowledgement, can function properly only in that environment which they create. Their time is almost always spent on reading or exchanging stories about certain incidents and doings of this and that figure of the past, and feeling great emotional excitement from reading and hearing these. They think they found religious sincerity. Discussion about God's blessings, mercy and signs hardly happen because they do not feel the same way about God. Religious devotion is simply an emotional devotion and excitement of these human characters and past events and a desire to emulate their behaviour - to keep up the nostalgia of that time. They are unable to grasp the importance of having inner faith in God as stressed in the Qur'an, and thus never engage in discussions that are truly beneficial to the human soul. For example, thinking about Quranic verses for ones self and talking about them are frowned upon and discussions are quickly closed with vain excuses.​

"Religion of nostalgia has the effect of blocking, the transition from lower, automatic, and rigidly organised mental structures and functions to higher, creative, self-controlled and automatic forms of mental life." - Dr. Kazimiers Dabrowsky

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